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faded_ribbon's Journal

30 April
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Well, I'm one of those people who starts a new journal every few months, writes for a few days (maybe a week) and then walks away. I have resolved to overcome this handicap and write frequently, and my lazy ass appreciates that this is all type-able and I will not have to handwrite it.

Um, let's see... I love books and I occasionally enjoy writing (I'm definitely one of those people who enjoys hearing themselves speak, so any public forum writing gets my rocks off) and I'm just about to graduate college and praying that I get into a grad school (I'm basically lying prostrate in front of the altar of any scholastic/merciful/FAFSA-related gods I can find).

I used to be part of the Harry Potter fandom -- I kind of fell out as I went to college and I only popped back in right before DH. I still love the books and I'm writing my undergraduate departmental honors thesis on the role of choice in guilt and personal redemption, so if you want to talk HP, I'm definitely here.

I'm definitely a mixture of nerd and sorority girl, and if it's random or ridiculous, I'll find it amusing.